Application Criteria:
  1. Students must have Bahraini citizenship.
  2. Students must be enrolled in Grade 11 / Year 12 / الصف الثاني ثانوي (or equivalent).
  3. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 97% or above for Grade 10 / Year11 / الصف الأول ثانوي and Grade 11 / Year 12 / الصف الثاني ثانوي (first semester).
How to Apply:
  • Students who meet the above criteria must submit their application during the Program’s annual Application Submission Period in March when they are in Grade 11 / Year 12 / الصف الثاني ثانوي (or equivalent) Online. 
  • The Program will contact students who meet the application criteria, including students studying outside of Bahrain, to invite them to take a series of qualifying tests to assess their English language skills and critical reasoning abilities.
  • Bahraini students who are currently in grade 11 and who have an approved gap year from the Bahrain Ministry of Education and are currently studying abroad in grade 11 and who are required to return to attend grade 11 in Bahrain Ministry of Education schools the next school year to fulfill their education requirements do not apply for the scholarship until they are a current grade 11 student in Bahrain.  If you are studying abroad as a MOE student, you will apply in during the time frame of the application process of your grade 11 Ministry of Education school year.
Online Application Submission Period for 2022 Scholarships

1 - 25 March 2021

For more information
+973 1765 8544