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Khalid Alkhajah joins university exchange program in China

CPISP Scholar Khalid Al Khajah, a graduate scholar majoring in LLM Law and Chinese at the University of Edinburgh, took part in a six month exchange program at Fudan University in Shanghai, China last year to study Mandarin and experience China’s rich culture first-hand. During his stay in China, Khalid entered and won his exchange university’s annual talent competition for foreign students, “Fudan Idol,” playing the keyboard and singing covers of some of his favorite songs by artists like Justin Timberlake and Beyonce, as well as some of his original material. Khalid recounts his overall experience during his exchange in China:

“My six month exchange in China opened my eyes to what felt like a different world, allowing me to gain insight into China's incredibly deep and historic culture, and offering me the best way to develop my Mandarin. It is crazy to think in the space of 173 days, I went from imitating a chicken in public in order to explain to laughing street food vendors I desperately wanted chicken noodles, to negotiating the termination of a tenancy agreement with my Chinese landlord!”

“I chose to go on exchange in Shanghai and learn Mandarin because my philosophy is to always look for and seize opportunities that push me out of my comfort zone; it is during these experiences that we truly learn more about ourselves and the world, and have experiences that make for the best memories. While in China, I tried my very best to immerse myself fully by making Chinese friends, visiting historically significant areas, studying Chinese culture and travelling to places outside Shanghai, including Hangzhou and Tibet. Oh, and I won't even get started on the incredible food, because I would probably go on and on about it for days. “

“I also had the opportunity to meet hundreds of other international students, all united by a sense of adventure, from countries all over the world. I hope to return to China someday soon as there is so much more to learn and experience.”


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