Scholar Achievements
Huda Hasan volunteers in Malawi

CPISP scholar Huda Hasan completed her A Levels at Shrewsbury School this year and will be moving on to study Mathematics with Management Studies at University College London. In the summer of 2014, Huda had the opportunity to be part of a school volunteer trip to Malawi.

“The school organises this trip every two years so I was lucky it happened when it happened, otherwise I would’ve missed it. Once we got there, we spent the first 3 days as tourists and we got to see different places in Malawi. We stayed in a lodge that was near Lake Malawi; it was absolutely stunning. After that we went to Mtunthama where Medic Malawi is located. The first day was all about getting to know the place and meeting the children, so we had a tour around the village, the orphanage, the hospital and the feeding centre. Everything was totally different than anything I have ever seen before.”

“We started working the day after that for about a week and a half and there was a lot to do. Because there are a lot of children to take care of and not enough staff, they need all the help they can get. Different people in our group did different things. Some of us helped in the nursery where they would feed the infants and change them when needed, some helped in the kitchen by cooking for the orphans and doing the dishes, some did laundry and some helped painting the new girls hostel. We all got to try everything and then we got to choose the task that we are more comfortable doing. In the last few days I got to teach in the local primary school. I love teaching so I volunteered as soon as there was an opening."

"The task was intimidating and exciting at the same time. As I was set to teach 5 year olds and they just finished their exams, I was told to keep the lessons fun and light hearted so we sang along and danced together. It was one of the most fun experiences in my whole life, even though the children didn’t understand English very well and therefore didn’t understand me very well, they were so excited to learn and participate. All of them were so eager to learn a new song and then perform it. Teaching them and playing with them was a pleasure.”

“I think we all left Malawi with at least a slightly altered mind set; it was a learning experience for all of us. Everyone there was so kind and generous. Most of them had relatively nothing but they shared whatever they had. Everyone was so happy and optimistic and that showed me that happiness is a choice, we don’t need materialistic things to find joy in life. I would definitely go through this experience again if I could.”

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