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Huda Hasan founds Global Week at Shrewsbury

CPISP scholar Huda Hasan completed her A Levels at Shrewsbury School this year and will be moving on to study Mathematics with Management Studies at University College London. She recounts her memorable experience at Shrewsbury over the last two years, where she was involved in various charities and eye-opening travels, as well as her pivotal role in initiating the first Global Week at Shrewsbury.

The Beginning

“I found it very hard to settle in at the first term in Shrewsbury School, I was trying so hard to ‘fit in’ that I forgot I loved standing out. Once I realised that my life in Shrewsbury was completely transformed. I got more involved in the school’s life, I participated in more activities and my grades were improving and getting back to normal. One of the best things I’ve been involved in is the Shewsy which is a Youth and Community Centre in Everton, Liverpool founded by Shrewsbury School. In the Shewsy we get to interact with children and play with them.”

Global week 2015

“As soon as I got to Shrewsbury School I knew there were a lot of nationalities, but these nationalities were pretty much never discussed. I wanted to know more about the people around me and where they come from. A lot of people in our school miss out on conversations with people they find interesting simply because they don’t understand their culture or background and they are afraid of offending them by mistake or sounding stupid. I wanted everyone to be able to communicate with everyone. Even though this sounds very idealistic it was a goal worth working for. Initially I mentioned an ‘International Day’ to a teacher where everyone dresses up in their national costume and shows the school a bit of their country; their food, the type of music they’re used to, their special dance moves and anything their country has to offer. But when we started discussing it we had so many ideas and so much to do that we decided to have it for a whole week.”

“The theme of the ‘Global Week’ is Celebrating Differences and Acknowledging Similarities. We wanted to open doors to possible conversations and friendships. We used the school assembly after half term break as a starting point to the week, and I got to speak at the beginning of the assembly and introduce speakers. A student spoke about Stephen Hawking and how he unifies the world. Four students spoke about their countries (misconceptions and general facts) and fellow CPISP scholar Batool Aljufairy spoke beautifully about Bahrain and the Middle East. I got to wrap up by speaking about the whole idea of the week and its aim. The assembly was a success and everyone enjoyed it. That day everyone walked in KH (the dining hall) to see the flags of all the 50 countries represented in our school decorating the walls. KH served a different dish from the 5 major continents at lunch for the 5 days of the week. Later on that week we had inter-house internationally themed quizzing and as we aimed to raise money for charity from the global week, houses had to pay in order to put a team in the quizzing. We raised £110 from that alone! We had a charities bake sale on Friday where treats from different countries were made by students and then sold. That day was a non-uniform day, and everyone was urged to dress up in their national costume. It was beautiful seeing a lot of the students walking around the school in their costumes. Miss Peak (Mary Sidney Hall’s Housemistress) said that ‘most international students are always in the background, it was nice seeing them under the spot light for a change.’ This made me incredibly happy as the simple idea I had in mind was visible for everyone to witness. Friends, classmates and teachers congratulated me on the success of Global Week. I was so proud of myself and everyone involved in the week. At the end of this week we definitely raised over £1000 for charity.”

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