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Amal Ahmadi explores effects of fear on leadership development

Amal Ahmadi, a post-graduate scholar specializing in Leadership Development at the University of Reading, UK was honored for a paper she presented at a major conference in the US based on her doctoral research examining the effects of fear in leadership development in the workplace. Amal received the Best Doctoral Paper Award at the International Conference on Emotions and Worklife (EMONET), which took place in Philadelphia in July 2014.

“My research paper and presentation were around the topic of leadership development, specifically exploring how leaders experience and respond to the emotion of fear in the workplace, and how that influences leadership development and leadership effectiveness in organizations.”

“It was a great opportunity to represent the CPISP and Bahrain. The audience at the conference included scholars and practitioners from around the globe, so it was a huge achievement for my work to be well received at an international level. Not only was it a dose of confidence for me, but it will also hopefully boost my PhD outcome and CV for future avenues in my field.”

“The main contribution of the paper is the development of a multidimensional theoretical framework that provides a starting point for understanding fear and leadership. In the paper, I explain how the framework contributes towards existing approaches on leadership development as well as emotions and leadership. I also shed light on its implications for future research to enhance our understanding of the topic.”

“This paper forms a part of the theoretical foundation on which my Phd is based. My doctoral research involves interviewing leaders across various organisations and industries in the UK to uncover the nature of fear and courage in the workplace, as well as the leadership knowing-doing gap phenomenon. I am currently in the process of analysing my interview data to find in-depth insights towards a more comprehensive understanding of the topic from a diversity of perspectives.”

(photo caption: Amal Ahmadi with Professor Neal Ashkanasy, Founder and Chair of EMONET, at the award presentation.)


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