Scholar Achievements
Rawan Maki visits water treatment plants in England

CPISP Scholar Rawan Maki is completing her Master’s of Science Degree in Environmental Engineering (Constructive and Water Design Track) from Imperial College London, UK in September 2013, after attaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Engineering and Economics from Yale University in 2012.

During her study in the UK, Rawan went on various field trips across England as part of her MSc degree courses, visiting water treatment plants and talking to plant designers about water and energy preservation processes.

During a field trip to Reading Sewage Treatment Works, Rawan and her colleagues met with Dr. Stephen Smith, a specialist in anaerobic digestion and biodegradable waste technologies. They went on a tour of the plant’s anaerobic digesters, a technology system for biodegradable waste that releases methane, which can be used as a source of energy, such as electricity or heat. They also attended a day of presentations on energy from biodegradable waste designs.

Rawan says she hopes to see Bahrain benefit from the various water and waste treatment technologies she has been learning about as part of her MSc Environmental Engineering course. She explains, “Water treatment design currently focuses on the efficient clarification of water, but also the generation of energy, in the form of electricity and heat, from the residual material after the water is treated. Interlinking water clarification with energy creation is the next step in energy and water preservation. Bahrain predominantly relies on desalination and reverse osmosis mechanisms for its water clarification, which are both very energy intensive processes. Bahrain is a good candidate for renewable energy through water clarification. Similarly, methods of energy from waste may be applied to Bahrain’s waste industry. This would lessen the amount needed for dumped waste, as well as increase the amount of renewable energy generated. In the next decade, I hope to see these technologies through in Bahrain.”

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