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Esraa Sabah travels to India on a community service trip

Esraa Sabah joined a group of seven peers from Loomis Chaffee School, USA on a school supervised community service trip to India with two faculty members. During her two weeks in India, Esraa spent time at the capital New Delhi to learn about the country’s rich heritage, culture, and history. She then travelled with her group to Rajasthan in western India where they visited schools to learn about the challenges facing the country’s education system. Esraa was able to interact with students first hand and experience a rich cultural exchange where she learned about their issues and obstacles, as well as share her own culture and background. The group also taught some English and History classes and helped build a garden at one of the schools. Esraa shares her experience:

“During our first week, we stayed in New Delhi working with a prominent NGO and learning about the history of India, while visiting important historical sites around the city. We also spent some time in slum schools in the area, working with students in classes and learning more about their life style. Then we visited a premiere independent high school in the region to understand the disparity between different social groups and the distribution of wealth in the Indian community.”

“During the second week, we left for the city of Rajasthan and worked specifically with the Fabindia School, a school for low-income citizens in the region. The school has made a ground-breaking change in education in the city, increasing its literacy rate and the rate of the female student body since its establishment in 1992. We taught English and history in some of the classes, worked on building a garden for the students on school grounds and shared pieces of our cultures with the students.”

“In two weeks, I witnessed the fun, the challenging and the heartbreaking. I had fun, exploring different foods, riding a tuck tuck and playing with the children. However, I encountered challenges adjusting to the bathrooms, doing manual labor to build a garden and getting sick halfway through the trip. But the heartbreaking experiences are what truly resonated in my mind, especially the innocence of children who seemed to always smile despite their suffering. They truly taught me a new meaning of happiness.”

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