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Elham Yusuf completes medical internship in India

Elham Yusuf, who is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations with a focus on Global Health, completed a medical internship in India this summer with non-profit organization Child Family Health International (CFHI). Elham was given the opportunity to shadow doctors and health allied professionals at various health camps in Northern India and at Landour Community Hospital in Mussoorie.

Through this internship, Elham became a certified Emergency Medical Technician and completed over 150 hours of patient care. She took part in clinical rotations in Cardiology, Emergency Medicine, and OB/GYN. Her duties involved taking patient vital signs, assisting patients in routine morning and evening rounds, and triaging patients in Landour Community Hospital’s trauma department. “I also learned about various diseases that represent rural and urban Himalayan healthcare systems in India,” says Elham.

Elham explains that working with an NGO that focuses on community development allowed her to learn about the needs of rural communities, and their effects on urban areas as well. “I traveled with doctors through multiple health camps in isolated villages focusing on primary care and health issues, and the needs of rural Indian communities that lack access to healthcare.”

“My internship solidified my purpose to be an instrument of healing for people in healthcare. This global health experience forced me to go to the wilderness of my intuition where I faced diseases such as Tuberculosis in the eye, witnessed different modes of extreme poverty, and learned from health care professionals who are working to give their communities educational resources and opportunities to live a healthy just life. These perspectives accentuated my passion to aid humanity and my deep desire to medically treat people in underprivileged communities and initiate international health policies that will give the poor better health care access in remote areas in the world. My internship challenged me as an individual and a future patient-care provider. It allowed me to reflect on personal values that will allow me to serve others better and live a purpose driven life. This experience is one of the buildings blocks that encourage me to continually work hard for the future communities that I will serve. I am extremely grateful and thankful for the generosity of the CPISP for funding this internship because every day is a day to be an instrument of change.”

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