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Rawan Maki Explores Alternative Energy in Alaska

CPISP scholar Rawan Maki, who is pursuing an undergraduate degree in environmental engineering and economics at Yale University, was granted a Yale Fellowship to work during the summer of 2011 with the Institute of the North, a main lobby for environmental research and policy in the Arctic region, in Anchorage, Alaska. She is working on projects for alternative energy and will be devising scientific plans for several cases.

"The case studies will mainly focus on North America, but the analysis methods are universal, and are definitely comparable to areas such as the Gulf region. Alaska is an economy that is heavily reliant on oil and does not have income taxes. It is quite an anomaly for the USA, but there are clear overlying comparisons for a country like Bahrain when it comes to environmental economics. Alaska also has some of the most pressing environmental issues worldwide, ranging from water, climate change, oil, and general sustainability."

"I am staying with Mead Treadwell, who is the Lt. Governor of Alaska. As such, I have been meeting several high-ranking politicians and influential people in the state of Alaska. This is amazing exposure as I get to see exactly how scientific research gets processed, and exactly how the political mind thinks when it comes to resources, different groups, and economic policy. Next week, Mr. Treadwell is having a banquet for US ambassadors, where he will host several ambassadors to the United States. He has invited me to the dinner as a representative of Bahrain, and I will be asked to take part in discussions regarding Bahrain's current state and future in terms of environmental policies and advances."

Rawan has set up a blog to report her cultural, environmental and economic findings on her Arctic adventure at


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