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CPISP organizes guest lectures during candidacy training

The Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Program (CPISP) organized a series of lectures and panel discussions at the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF) for student candidates vying for next year’s 2015 scholarships, on the sidelines of the leadership training organized by the Program in cooperation with BIBF and the Chartered Management Institute.

Officials and experts were invited to talk about topics relating to personal growth and development and preparing for university and the job market, and included the following subjects: labor market demands and preparing for the job market, entrepreneurship and start ups, voluntary work and community service, overall health and nutrition, applying to university, and university experiences abroad.

In the first panel discussion, Acting Director of Employment at the Ministry of Labor Mr. Ali Abdulla Maki spoke about the needs of the labor market and job vacancies available in Bahrain. He advised students to set a road map on how to join the labor market after graduation and work on developing their life and professional skills by gaining work experience through internships and professional courses. EDB Executive Director for External Affairs, Ms. Rania Al-Shirawi, also joined the session to talk about her personal experiences in preparing for the job market, skills required for the private and government sectors, as well qualifications sought after during recruitment.

During the entrepreneurship session, Sh. Abdulrahman Al Khalifa from Bahrain Development Bank, MBA Fakhro Chairman and BCCI Entrepreneurship Committee Head Mr. Mohammed Adel Fakhro, and Shka. Johara Al Khalifa from Tenmou spoke about the opportunities available at their respective organizations in support of setting up businesses and start ups, and how to become a successful business owner.

The Program also organized a lecture on volunteering and community service where representatives from AIESEC in Bahrain spoke about the various programs and opportunities available to Bahraini youth in this field. Ms. Amani Khalaf, Director of Business Development, spoke about her personal experiences within the organization and the importance of volunteer programs on personal development. And Mr. Husain Al- Jaafari, Director of AIESEC’s cultural exchange program LEAP, shared his personal journey and experiences in volunteering abroad and experiencing new cultures.

A lecture on overall health and nutrition included a presentation given by Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Tariq Al-Maadawy on stress management and overcoming obstacles through healthy and positive means, focusing on environments faced by students. Diet Mealz dietician Ms. Kimberly Papa spoke about healthy eating habits, the impact of healthy and nutritious eating on overall health and performance, and how to prepare healthy meals and snacks. And Oxygen Gym Manager and Personal Trainer Mr. Chris Rawlinson then gave a presentation on physical fitness and the role of exercise in maintaining overall health.

In the final week of the candidacy training, the Program invited CPISP scholars to share their university experiences abroad and talk about the opportunities they benefitted from as a result of receiving the Crown Prince’s scholarship. Scholars also spoke about how to apply to university and the different academic systems of university in the US and UK.

CPISP Director Dr. Cynthia Gessling expressed her thanks and appreciation to all the guest lecturers and panel participants for taking part in the sessions and providing the students with information and expert advice that will benefit their personal, academic, and professional development.

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