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CPISP organizes guest lectures and panel discussions for candidates during leadership training

The Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Program (CPISP) organized a series of lectures and panel discussions at the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF) for student candidates vying for next year’s 2014 scholarships, on the sidelines of the leadership training organized by the Program in cooperation with BIBF and the Chartered Management Institute.

In the first panel discussion, CPISP alumni and scholarship recipients spoke to the candidates about how they benefited from the opportunities offered by the Program, on both an academic and personal level. Mohamed Janahi, Islam Altayeb, and Marwa Aleskafi spoke about their university experiences abroad, their personal development, and their exposure to different cultures.

In another panel discussion, Acting Director of Employment at the Ministry of Labor Mr. Ali Abdulla Maki spoke about the needs of the labor market and job vacancies available in Bahrain. He called on students to set a road map on how to join the labor market after graduation and to take advantage of opportunities offered by official institutions and initiatives such as Tamkeen (Labor Fund), the Family Bank, the Investors Center at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the Entrepreneurs Program. PR and Marketing Head at the Ministry of Transportation Ms. Maysoon Sabkar joined the discussion and spoke about her experiences in working in the government sector and the importance of developing “soft” or life skills in the work place.

The Program also organized a lecture on volunteering and community service where Mr. Ebrahim Al-Shaibeh talked about his experiences as a former president of the youth club Rotaract. He affirmed the importance of getting involved in the community and social service and said voluntary work helps spread awareness about the needs of all members of society, and builds leadership and communication skills.

Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Tariq Al-Maadawy was invited to give a lecture on stress management and overcoming obstacles through healthy and positive means, focusing on environments faced by students. In another lecture, Registered Dietician Ms. Nada Jawahery spoke about nutrition and healthy eating habits, affirming that good nutrition had a big impact on both physical and mental health, especially in preventing the onset of illnesses related to obesity and malnutrition. Oxygen Gym Manager and Personal Trainer Mr. Chris Rawlinson then gave a presentation on physical fitness and the role of exercise in maintaining overall health.

The Program also set up a session where CPISP officials gave a presentation about the various academic systems available in universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. And in the last panel discussion, representatives from organizations that support businesses and entrepreneurial projects spoke about how to set up a business and the types of goods and services currently in demand. The speakers included Tenmou CEO Mr. Hassan Haider, Sh. Abdulrahman Al-Khalifa from Bahrain Development Bank, Mr. Essam Hammad from Tamkeen, and Mr. Eyad Al-Maskati from Batelco Innovation Center.

CPISP Director Dr. Cynthia Gessling expressed her thanks and appreciation to all the guest lecturers and panel participants for taking part in the sessions and providing the students with information and expert advice that will benefit their personal, academic, and professional development.

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